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What is CIT?
Crisis Intervention Team training is a community initiative designed to improve the outcomes of police interactions with people living with mental illnesses. CIT programs are local partnerships between law enforcement, mental health providers, local NAMI chapters and other community stakeholders. CIT programs provide 40 hours of training for law enforcement on how to better respond to people experiencing a mental health crisis. CIT is not just a training. Effective CIT programs are based on strong relationships between law enforcement, mental health care providers, families and people living with mental illness. CIT is a long-lasting, evolving partnership based on mutual goals.

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What Is CIP?
Crisis Intervention Partners (CIP) training is a 16 hour training modeled after the training component of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs. CIP is designed for wide-ranging audiences interested in better understanding and improving interactions with people who experience mental health crises. Participants include correctional officers, 911 dispatchers, emergency personnel, hospital staff, teachers, social workers, and more.

Through information and practice, CIP is re-training participants to effectively use attitudes, beliefs, and verbal/non verbal skills as part of their response to crisis situations.

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