Video Links

These videos have been collected from previous CIT/CIP trainings. They do not reflect the opinions of NAMI Wisconsin. They are meant to be a resource.

Diverting to Treatment: Community Policing and Supporting Youth with Mental Health Needs

Unbreakable Minds

Living With Depression

Mindstorm: A Virtual Hallucination

The Community I Serve

Minds on the Edge

CIT Initiative: Ohio

Imminent Danger: The Documentary - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Excited Delirium: Man in Barbershop

Excited delirium: Jefferson St. Man with Mother

Excited Delirium: Northland Ave

Excited Delirium: Riverside Cemetery

Excited Delirium: Man with Fence

Psychiatrists in Blue

Adult Autism: ABC news story

Law Enforcement: Your piece to the Autism puzzle

Anderson Cooper: Hearing Voices Simulation

Stomping Stigma and Discrimination: The All American Brain