Coloring Pages – Mental Health Awareness Month

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, we are planning a statewide scavenger hunt to help spread awareness about mental illness and end the stigma! All you have to do is put one of our coloring sheets in your window during the month of May. That’s it! Color it, paint it, print it from the printer, whatever you’d like. Then we can get outside, walk around, and see how many people are fighting to end the stigma! Share your coloring sheets with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (and tag @namiwisconsin) for a chance to win a NAMI Wisconsin Swag Bag!  

It’s easy. No human contact. Get fresh air. Just put a coloring sheet in your window and help us end the stigma.  

April 26 – May 2: Mental Health Matters (download) 

May 3 – May 9: Grow Positivity (download) 

May 10 – May 16: Just Breathe (download) 

May 17 – May 23: Mental Health Ribbon (download) 

May 24 – May 31: Forgive Yourself (download)

If you don’t have a printer, fill out this form and we will mail you the coloring sheets for free!